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"Let Go and Let God"


Thank you for visiting the Greater Liberty Tabernacle (GLT) COGIC and the Philadelphia District website. Please take your time to enjoy the facts and information about GLT and the Philadelphia District, which is a part of the Northeast (Historic First) Jurisdiction of Michigan.

Your presence is welcome at GLT or any of the churches that make the Philadelphia District the greatest district in the Historic First Jurisdiction of Michigan COGIC. See the below link and come hear a word from God from the man of God at the Greater Liberty Tabernacle COGIC.

Celebrating God’s Love and Greatness

Develop a stronger and more fulfilling relationship with God through Greater Liberty Tabernacle COGIC in Detroit, Michigan. We are a church that conducts prayers, bible studies, and Sunday services. Our worship activities are designed to help those who seek healing and spiritual guidance. 

Church History

A Great Builder of Churches

Bishop John Seth Bailey

Born on June 9, 1896, John Seth Bailey is a man who gave his whole heart to God. He and his late wife founded the Bailey Temple Church of God in Christ on McKinley Avenue on Detroit’s west side. From having a tent with only four members, his church grew and many souls were saved, healed, and delivered. 

John Seth Bailey was appointed as the Overseer of the State of Southwestern Michigan in 1946. The state grew from having only 34 churches to 125 churches and missions. He was considered a great builder of services and a father to many people. 

Later on, John Seth Bailey became the pastor of Livingstone Street Church of God in Christ, the mother church of the Church of God in Christ in the state of Michigan. This church was eventually named after Bishop Bailey. Hence, it was renamed “Seth Temple”.

The late founder of the Church of God in Christ, Bishop Charles H. Mason, appointed John Seth Bailey to the general board of Bishops.

A Devoted Pastor and Loving Parents to Their Children

Administrative Assistant Samuel L. Jones and Hattie Mae Jones

Samuel L. Jones, also known as Sterling Silver Jones and Hattie Mae Jones are the father and mother of our founder, Victor Jones. They attended the Ephesians Church of God in Christ under the leadership of his brother, Supt. Charlie G. Jones.

Discovering the dedication and faithfulness of Samuel, the late Bishop C.J Johnson appointed him to a pastoral position over a small congregation in 1970. Superintendent Samuel L. Jones led and pastored Greater Philadelphia Tabernacle Church of God In Christ for more than 35 years.

Aside from serving his own church, Superintendent Samuel L. Jones had done many things for his community. He had also saved and healed those people who were lost.

Superintendent Samuel L. Jones is also the founder of the Philadelphia District, Northeast Historic First Jurisdiction.

On November 27, 2005, he left his family to be with God. His legacy will forever be remembered by his family, friends and the members of his churches. 


Our Statement of Faith

We affirm our faith in the Bible.

WE BELIEVE the Bible to be the inspired and only infallible written Word of God.

We affirm our faith in God.

WE BELIEVE that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: God the Father, God the Son and, God the Holy Spirit.

We affirm our faith in the Blessed Hope.

WE BELIEVE in the Blessed Hope, which is the rapture of the Church of God, which is in Christ, at His return.

We affirm our faith in Repentance and Salvation.

WE BELIEVE that the only means of being cleansed from sin is through repentance and faith in the precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

WE BELIEVE the regeneration by the Holy Ghost is absolutely essential for personal salvation.

We affirm our faith in Jesus Christ.

WE BELIEVE that the redemptive work of Christ on the cross provides healing for the human body in answer to believing prayer.

We affirm our faith in the Holy Ghost.

WE BELIEVE that the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, according to Acts 2:4, is given to believers who ask for it.

We affirm our faith in Sanctification.

WE BELIEVE in the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit, by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a Holy and separated life in the present world.


The Greater Liberty Tabernacle Vision Statement

"In All Thy Ways Acknowledge Him, and He Shall Direct Thy Path”

- Proverbs 3:6

 Greater Liberty Tabernacle Goals 

 Empowerment (Spiritual Boldness)

“Let Us Therefore Come Boldly Unto the Throne of Grace…”

-Hebrew 4:16

Committed (To God and Yourself)

“To Keep That Which I Have Committed Until Him…”

-2 Timothy 1:12

Dedicated (To God and His Work)

“And He Said Unto Them, This Kind Can Come Forth by Nothing, but by Prayer and Fasting”

-Mark 9:29

Respect (To God Yourself and Others)

“Honor All Men. Love the Brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the King”

-1 Peter 2:17


 Calendar of Events 

Prayer Request

Delores Readus

Jones Family

Belita Marlin Wells

Martha Byrd Lightfoot

Deborah Jones

Superintendent’s Desk

Greater Liberty Tabernacle C.O.G.I.C.

Superintendent Victor Jones, Pastor

Seth Temple

MI COGIC Mother Church

9841 Dundee St

Detroit, MI 48204


In Honor of The Late Administrative Assistant Samuel L. Jones

January 7, 2020

Grace, Mercy, and Peace from God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.

Attention: “God’s Unlimited Power Makes Unlimited Accomplishments Possible”

Ephesians 1:19, 3:20

The Greater Liberty Tabernacle COGIC family and the Philadelphia District would like to take this time and give thanks to God, the brotherhood of saints and our friends for all your support and prayers. Please know and expect by faith the unlimited blessings God is going to do for you and your families this year. So as members of the Body of Christ, understand you have the “Unlimited Power” to do all things through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

So “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need” Hebrews 4:16. As we go forth accomplishing Kingdom Work for our Lord and Savior.

Christ’s Servant,

Superintendent Victor Jones

Philadelphia District

Greater Liberty Tabernacle COGIC

9841 Dundee St.

Detroit, Michigan 48204

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